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TEST Dell XPS M1730 - SLI 8700M-GT
The Gaming-Beast (English Version)
von jseb am Do, 27.09.2007

The Beast Amongst Gaming-Laptops
The expectations towards a new DELL XPS Laptop are very high. Who wonders, since the previous model, the DELL XPS M1710, was one of the notebooks that raised the bar of mobile gaming-power.

Join our bulletin board discussion of the Dell XPS MM1730.

Bild: Notebookjournal/SJ
Dell XPS 1730: In der wesentlichen Formsprache bleibt sich XPS treu

This time as well, Michael Dell does not disappoint the gaming community. The config reads like the Who is Who of the most powerful gaming hardware.

- Intel Core-2-Duo T7500, 2.2 GHz
- Two Nvidia Geforce 8700M-GT, SLI
- AGEIA PhysX physics-accelerator
- Two 160 GByte HDD, Raid 0 (7200 rpm)
- Two GByte RAM
- 17" WUXGA Display, 1920 x 1200 px

What it features for mobile gaming, you can see on page 2 and page 3. Notebookjournal.de tested a pre-series XPS 1730. The production model might slightly differ in optical characteristics and technical components. Price of the sample config: 3,100 Euros.

AGEIA PhysX-card:

Bild: notebookjournal.de/mO
Einstellungsmenü mit Demos für die PhysX-Karte

The PhysX-card from AGEIA computes the gaming-physics. Trees topple down correctly, explosions ae richer in detail (e.g., more objects hurtle through the air), and animations seem more realistic.

For taping the following video, we set the PhysX-effects to "low" and swapped to "extreme" for the second part. You will spot that more shattered pieces are blown up.

Impressive Gig
Dell kept the dominant style features of the old XPS-design. However, details and colours have been worked over completively.

Vier Farben
Bild: Dell
Vier Farben
The Dell XPS M1730 can be ordered in the colours white, grey, blue or red. In the quick-set menu (or BIOS), the lighting of touchpad and keyboard can be arranged separately within 16 colours.

Bild: Notebookjournal/SJ
Dell XPS 1730: Das Blau im Deckel ist nur eine Farbvariante.


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AW: The Gaming-Beast
von Tobi1982 am Do, 27.09.2007 22:41 Uhr

Good idea to publish the test in english! I already found a
link to our page in an american forum. Looks like we're going
international ;-)

Gaming ab 17"

Gaming ab 17"
Dell XPS M1730 - SLI 8700M-GT
sehr gut
Test vom 27.09.2007

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3100 €

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